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If you enjoyed watching our over 200. oldies television ~ free online video streamed memories of the golden age of television & roots of rock and roll, we invite you now to enjoy playing our Golden Age Of Television and Roots Of Rock & Roll trivia quiz to have more fun remembering, or discovering when video and rock was young. First the questions, then following them below you can check your answers below. Some questions are easy, some not so. Test your Golden Age of Television and Roots of Rock & Roll IQ alone or with a group of friends. We've also got some hilarious Q&A from the original 60's-70's Hollywood Squares with Peter Marshall and a TV title word scramble! So have fun and don't forget we have over 100 oldies TV and music videos on our main page to enjoy (reminisce or discover how it was then) as well. Enjoy!

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Trivia Quiz Questions

Questions and answers are {Pintable.

1. We all (over 60, anyway) remember when comedic character actor William Bendix played Chester A. Riley in The Life Of Riley on CBS (supported by Marjorie Reynolds as his wife Peg, Lugene Sanders as sexy daughter, Babs, Wesley Morgan as son, Junior and Tom D'Andrea as best friend Jim Gillis). This version ran from 1953-1958, but William Bendix was not the first performer to play Riley on TV. Two other then unknown actors (one to become later a TV legend) played Riley in a 1949 pilot and a 1950 failed series (with Rosemary De Camp as Peg). Which two actors played Chester A. Riley before William Bendix?amp;

2. Late 50's Novelty Songs: a.)before he recorded Alvin & The Chipmunks, what other trick voice character was a top 10 hit for David Seville and what was that character's only line in the tune?amp; b.) who produced "The Flying Saucer pt, 1 & 2?amp;" c.) what was on the flip side of Sheb Woolley's "Purple People Eater" on the original 45 release?amp;

3. We all remember Groucho Marx on TV (see CH. 24 in on our Oldies Television main directory channel selector), His brothers Harpo & Chico guest appeared on several 50's and 60's era TV sitcoms, but were also featured in a 1958-59 TV commercial for a product one might have least expected them to advertise. Name the product (we provide the video answer below).

4. Jackie Cooper, popular in 1940's movies, had a short lived NBC television show in the early 1950's which starred Patricia Breslin as his fiance and Cleo, the floppy eared hound dog whose thoughts (wisecracks) we heard in words. What was the name of that show?amp;

5. Which female musical performer quit The Lawrence Welk Show because, as she protested in a TV Guide, interview they made me show too much of my legs?amp;

6. What is singer Frankie Lane's real name and what did he do in New York before success in Vegas?amp;

7. Before vocal group The Four Seasons hit big with Sherry in 1962 on the Vee Jay record label, they performed in clubs under what name and had a regionally charted hit with what song (released on a lesser known label)?amp;

8. You may remember Elena Verdugo as medical secretary Consuello in "Marcus Webly M.D.. But long before that, in 1949, Elena played a befuddled secretary in what CBS-TV sitcom that was rescued from cancellation in it's second (and last) season by viewer's letters?amp;

9. The harsh rising-falling electronic synthesized "swish" became commonplace in Heavy Metal music, but it was created and first heard on a not-so-rock and roll chart topper released on the Signet label in 1959. Can you name the song and the artist?amp; Hint: this was her only national top ten charted release, her follow up only made it to #72 on Billboard.

10. The Vulcan planet was not first heard on the original Star Trek, but the never fading William Shatner visited it on another TV series in an episode that was written by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Which weekly TV anthology series did Vulcan first appear, sanes Spock. (Ironically, Shatner was not the first lead considered for the initial Trek TV series. Who was?amp;) Bonus question: what episode of Star Trek won an Emmy award?amp;

11. Everyone knows that long before SNL, Ernie Kovacs was the innovator of sketch comedy on television. What was the name of the aped musical trio in some skits and what quiz show did Ernie Kovacs host with his wife Edie Adams at the same time (early 50's)?amp;

12. Of course Buster Crabbe was the definitive Flash Gordon in William Bebe's late 30's one reel movie serials, but who played Flash Gordon in a TV adaption reportedly filmed in West Berlin by a Danish production company?amp;

13. What R&B singer had what one-hit wonder hit in 1956 that he recorded while stoned drunk (the song would be re-recorded by Creedence Clear Water Revival in the 70's)?amp;

14. Now this is an easy one. Who played the lovably obnoxious Dr. Zachary Smith on Lost In Space?amp; We'll add a litter harder 70's sci fi TV trivia: which exploitation movie queen appeared on an episode of Star Trek with guest star Vic (Mel on Alice) TaybacK?amp;

15. Endearing Al Lewis was Grandpa Munster on The Munsters (also Schnauzer on Car 54 Where Are You), but he appeared twice as a wizard on what TV series?amp;

16. In 1962, a lounge group who did schtick on The Ed Sullivan Show had a one hit wonder on the Shad record label. It hit the charts when Alan Freed played the disc by mistake on his radio show. Name the song and the (sort of) doo-wop group from Lyndhurst, New Jersey?amp;

17. Happy Days, under the palm of Garry Marshall, did not start off as a weekly TV retro-sitcom. Less The Fonz (Henry Winkler), buy with Richie (Ron Howard) and Dad (Tom Bosley) and Mom (Marion Ross), also pals played by Anson Williams and Donny Most, Happy Days started as a vignette on what popular weekend night sketch TV series on ABC?amp;

18. Not all was successful after Jackie Gleason's pyramid of hit shows. His hosted quiz show Picture This was network television's "biggest bomb" (what Jackie himself called it on air), lasting but one airing. What was the second "biggest bomb" in the early 70's, lasting for only four showings?amp;

19. In the early 60's, tough movie screen icons Ralph Bellamy and Lee Marvin starred in cop shows that bared a striking resemblance to Dragnet What were the shows?amp;

20. A three parter! Gale Storm played the troublesome Margie in the late 50's My Little Margie Who played her dad, Vern Albright? And what was the failed sitcom Gale later starred in with 40's movie character actor Zazu Pitts? What two songs charted for Gale Storm on Randy Wood's (Lawrence Welk newphew's) Dot record label?amp;

21. Comic actress Joan Davis and the immortal Magoo voice Jim Backus (later the millionaire on Gilligan's Island) co-starred in the popular late 60's sitcom I Married Joan. Can you remember the line of the choral sung theme song (less the background doom-dooms)?amp; For the heck of it, can you remember the role name of Joan's single, bopping teenaged sister?amp;

22. What was Little Peggy March's follow up to I Will Follow Him?amp;

23. Who or what was Snooky Lansen?amp;

24. Name the four regular panelists on John Dailey's What's My Line?amp;.

25. What was the first long running, top ten rated weekly TV show to "get away with" showing thong bikinis?amp; Hint: it was a "cop show." that "booked 'em." Aw, we gave it away!

26. Who was Jack Webb's Sgt. Joe Friday's partner in Dragnet before Harry Morgan's Gannon?amp;

27. On 50's Saturday morning syndicated kidvid, what was the name of the marionette detective on one series and. on another, the character kids drew around with a plastic sheet placed over the TV screen?amp;

28. Bandleader Lew Anderson doubled as Clarabelle The Clown on Howdy Doody when the series ended in 1962, to be briefly and unsuccessfully revived in syndication during the early 70's. But he wasn't the first to play "You Silly Clown" and annoy Buffalo Bob. Who played the first Clarabelle?amp;

29. What kiddie show comedian had a heart attack onstage during a live broadcast of his shown?amp; He wore a plaid suit and hat, danced, sang and had a lisp.

30. Hound Dog was one of a two sided #1 hit in 1959 for The King. But Elvis Presley was not the first to record Hound Dog. Who did?amp;

31. Alice on The Brady Bunch was not the not first hit show Anne B. Davis appeared as a major cast member in. What was Anne's first successful series role?amp; (Hint: it also was a sitcom).

32. Ozzie & Harriet was saved from cancellation when bandleader Ozzie Nelson's son, Ricky, became a teen idol rock and roll singer with Imperial Records. George Burns & Gracie Allen tried to duplicate that hoopla on their show with son Ronnie, the record on the Verve label flopped. What songs did Ronnie Burns record?amp;

33. On whose show did Elvis Presley make his first television appearance: a)Ed Sullivan, b)Steve Allem, c)Milton Berle, d)Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, or e)Dick Clark.< Bonus Ekvis Trivia: In an interview with Variety during his late 60's lean (British Invasion) years, declared his most and least favorite hits he recorded. Can you name them both?amp;

34. What did quiz shows "21" and "The $64,000 Question" have in common?amp;

35. Shelley Fabares is probably best known for her role in The CoachJohnny Angel. But, Shelley was featured in a late 50's TV sitcom and had a stint on a 1954 oater. Can you name these shows?amp;

36. Father Knows Best was the 1950's idealist family with patriarch and insurance agent Jim Anderson, Margaret was his clean feverish wife, and the siblings were Betty (eldest, "Princess," sort of whiney sister), Bud (only son and bumbling brother) and young Kathy ("Kitten," cutesy and, at times, outspoken). Can you name the actors who played these roles on the top rated NBC series? And what role did the matriarch actress play a decade later in an episode of a science fiction series in which she wore an eagle collared space get up?amp;

37. All In The Family paved the way of removing staunch censorship from prime time television and taking on topics no producer ever would touch. Norman Lear did and Archie, Edith, Mike, Gloria and the to be spun off Jeffersons became the most watched sitcom in the 70's. However, CBS censors did nix an episode scene that Lear would make a federal case out of the censoring, if he had to. It wasn't about race or sexuality, per se, but it did involve male nudity. Do you remember the episode and Lears comments concerning it?amp; (The answer also features a note about the late Isabel (Louise Jefferson) Sanford's final screen appearance.

38. What was the first national animated television commercial?amp; (Hints: bratty kid, frustrated dad, cowboy hat). You can actually watch the ad in the answer section!

39. In the 1960's, a celebrity was banned from The Ed Sullivan Show after he allegedly gave Ed "the finger" on camera, in front of a live studio audience, when the host gave him a cue to cut hos performance short. Can you name that blacklisted Sullivan Show guest? Hint: it was comic, who wrote a book (cane you name it?amp;) later apologized.

40. In the 1950's, Ted Mack hosted the Original Amateur Hour first on Dumont, then NBC, but who hosted the show on NBC Radio during the 1940's? (He also produced the Amateur Hour on the defunct Dumont network). What was the DuMont Television Network (the "forgotten network")? For the fascinating history of the innovations and downfalls of The DuMont Television Network and it's founder, click here.

41. On Hy Gardner's early-mid 50's TV interview show, which celebrated actress declared her favorite food was hot dogs: a.) Bette Davis, b.) Marlena Deitrich, c.) Mae West, d.) Carole Lombard, or e.) Ethel Waters?amp;

42. What brand of cigar did Ernie Kovacs smoke on camera?amp; Hint: his wife Edie Adams did the commercial for the brand.

43. During his NBC Buick and Texaco shows, Milton Berle had several on stage hecklers. Best known is one petite guy with a Barney Fife like face, but a sharp, whiney voice, best known retort was "ah, chip-chip-chip" following Berle's brags. Who's this heckler?amp;

44. Berle's formidable Tuesday night competition on Du Mont was Catholic Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (whom Jackie Gleason often visited back stage). In jest, who did Archbishop Sheen credit for clearing his blackboard between uses?amp;

45. Whose image appeared in the first experimental television broadcast?amp; The year was 1923.

46. Ernie Kovacs was the inventor and innoventer of TV sketch comedy long before SNL, from 1949 until his death in 1962. Ernie's shows were, at one time or another, on all three networks. One of Ernie Kovac's most memorable bits was a musical trio that "monkeyed around," literally. What was the name of that combo?amp; The answer below provides the video clip of the sketch.

47. Sleepwalk by guitar duo Santo & Johnny Farina was a #1 hit in 1959 for Harvey Weiss' Canadian American Records (who also had Linda Scott). Did Santo & Johnny ever have any other releases which made the charts?amp; Harder question: what Hawaiian style electric guitar did Santo Farina play )Hint: made in the USA, but it was neither Gibson, nor Fender, nor Gretsch, the three top guitar mfrs. of the day).

48. Johnny Olson was best remembered as the original "Come on, Down" sidekick anouncer for Bob Barker's The Price Is Right on CBS and Dennis James is endeared for his yearly Cerebral Palsy Telethons. Both TV personalities had afternoon shows on DuMont in the early 1950's. Can you name these shows?amp;

49. Who created Betty Boop, when and what was the title of her first cartoon?amp;

50. In the 1950's, the host of a CBS daytime TV show bearing his name would sit on the edge of the stage and talk to his audience with the sponsor's tea in his hand. Name the host and the brand of tea. Hint: he was later a panelist on the early 60's game show, To Tell The Truth.

51. What television comedian would shout, "Duck, here comes a whole flock of them!" when a monolog got no laughs from the studio audience?amp; (Hint: he often laughed at his own jokes).

52. Who were the predominant sponsors of: a.) Your Hit Oarade, b.) The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, c.) Dick Clark's Saturday night show, d.)The Lawrence Welk Show (during their highest rated seasons)?amp;

53. What Phillie Disc Jockey/syndicated TV Dance Show host had the nickname "Geeter With The Heater?amp;" Hint: from time to time he assists T. J. Lubinsky Often misspelled Labinsky) during rock and roll shows for public broadcasting.

54. Who was Georgie Jessel?amp; Hint: He was on various TV shows during the 50's.

55. Marvin Miller Who is he?amp; (Hint: name arose prior in this quiz and he did what Regis Philbin and Meredith Vierra would offer to do years later, with questions.

56. Who were the host of these Oldies TV Quiz/Game Shows: a.) Who Do You Trust, b.) Beat The Clock, c.) To Tell The Truth, e.) the original Password?amp;

57. Can you name the 1973 sitcom created by Carl Reiner and starring Dom De Luise?

58. Who played Janet Dean, Registered Nurse, a syndicated mid 50's medical drama of the same name?amp; 59. what was the late 50's TV show that started out with the yell, "uh uh uh uh, don't touch that dial...?amp;" Hint: it was a sitcom based on a very popular comic strip.

60. The mid and early 1960's saw three very unusual records break into the national Cash Box Top 10: a.) A fluted solo recording, Velvet Waters that one could say was two decades behind what is now known as "ambient" music, b.) Would you believe, The Battle Hymn Of The Republic and c.)They're Coming To Take Me Away which reached #2, but public outcry over the novelty lyric's insensitivity to patients suffering from mental illness forced radio stations to stop playing it and Warner Brothers Records pulling it out of release. Can you name tha artists who recorded these eccentric records?amp;

61. Who played Beaulah, a 50's sitcom, the second after "Amos & Andy" which featured a predominantly black cast on CBS?amp;

62. The first flat round phonograph record which played on an acoustically reproduced "Victrola" was 12" round, had only one two minute song on one side and was made of lacquer and wax. At what speed did it revolve?amp; Hint: it was not 33 1/3, 45, or 78.

63. Which one of these early Beatles hits was not recorded in the U.K. a.) A Hard Day's Night, b.) Can't Buy Me Love, c.) Twist & Shout, d.) And I Love Her?amp;

64. What NBC news anchor, popular in the 50's, used the phrase, "Hop Scotching The World For Headlines?amp;" Hint: after retiring from news reporting, he was a TV ad pitchman for the watch that "takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

65. Saturday morning syndicated kiddie foray Winky Dink was hosted by someone who would later be an oft seen quiz show master. Who was he?amp; a.) Hal March ($64,000 Question), b. Jack Barry (21), Jan Murray (Treasure Hunt) or Groucho Marx (You Bet Your Life)?

66. 40's and 50's actress Bette Grable had a part of her body insured for a million dollars with Lloyd of London. Was it her a.) face, b.) legs, c.) breasts, or d.) hands?amp;

67. What famous quiz show host played Harry Morton for several early 50's episodes of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. Was it: a.) Jack Barry, b.) Hal March, c.) Sam Levinson, or d.) Alex Trebek?amp;

68. Who recorded "Velvet Waters" in 1957 for an unknown label, arguably the pioneer cut for later day Cool Jazz, which perplexed major rock and roll disc jockeys when it zoomed to #8 on the pop charts?amp; Was it...
a.) Sons Of The Pioneers, b.) Mr. Acker Bilk, c.) The Megatrons, d.) Sanford Hertz?amp;

69. Eve Arden is best known for the 50's sitcom, "Our Miss Brooks." After that show ended it's run, Arden tried with another sitcom that met with only mild success at best. Can you name the show?amp;

70. A popular Saturday morning kid show featuring a puppet named "Squeaky" was hosted by and bared the name of a very popular western movie character actor with kind of a squeaky and raspy voice. Was it...
a.) Gabby Hayes, b.) Andy Devine, c.) Steppin' Fletchett?amp;

71. During the mid 1950's singer Kate Smith had a Mon-Fri afternoon variety show on CBS. What song did she sing as her closing theme?amp; Hint: It was not "God Bless America."

72. Who was 1960's cartoon character Lippy The Lion's sidekick?amp;

73. In the late 50s, during his monologue on Saturdat nights, who did comedian George Gobel refer to as his wife?amp;

74. What was former President Dwight D. Eisenhower's campaign slogan?

75. Because of parental critique is Clarabelle The Clown's certain signature prank, what did the Howdy Doody silent buffoon have to give up as the prop?amp;

76. What television host/emcee closed every program with the words "...and peace?"

77. Who is Tuvok?

78. In what late 1970's-early 80's weekly sitcom did an elderly woman own a radio station?

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1. Herb Vigran played Chester A. Riley in a 1949 pilot of The Life Of Riley which no network, not even the failing Du Mont, would pick up. Then, about a year later, none other than the great one, Jackie Gleason was contracted by CBS to play the patriarch Brooklyn aircraft factory worker. Gleason's version would run 26 weeks, then be cancelled. Director Abby Berlin believed in the series and revived it in 1954 with William Bendix as Riley, who moaned What A Revoltin' Development This Is. Bendix and ensemble (noted in the question) kept the sitcom going for 5 seasons.

2. a.)Before he screamed "Alvin!!!" and had the Christmas hit with The Chipmunks, David Seville sang with "The Witch Doctor" 'oo, ee, oo, ah ah, ting, tang, walla walla bing bang." Hey Simon & Garfunkel, beat that! b.) sued for using portions of records without asking permission, Buchanen & Goodman peaked at no. 7 on the national charts with their "Flying Saucer" silliness, c.) No, it wasn't a re-make of "Tequila!" Sheb Woolley sang "I Can't Believe Your Mine," a country bluesy love ballad. Well, the late 50's had a stream of car accident tragedy songs ("Teen Angel, Tell Laura I Love Her, etc.), so the novelty singles were for after the funerals to cheer us up.

3. What late 1950's TV commercial Chico & Harpo Marx appeared in?amp;
Click here to see it!

4. Jackie Cooper starred with Patricia Breslin and Cleo the dog in the short lived 50's TV sitcom The People's Choice. It started off with strong ratings, but by the second season, for whatever reason, viewership dwindled.

5. Singer and "Champagne Lady" Norma Zimmer quit The Lawrence Welk Show because, she said, the dresses she was given to wear rode too far up her legs. Bandleader Welk scoffed the allegation on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, stating, "We do not use cheesecake on our show. Welk then led the Doc Severinson Orchestra...and ah one, and ah two-eh...

6. Jersey born Frank La Vecchio grew up singing in his Catholic School choir. Trying to make it in New York as a singer, he slept penniless on benches in Manhattan's Central Park before getting a gig in Las Vegas. From there, Mercury Records renamed him Frankie Lane, released his version of That's My Desire. That "78," like most of Frankie's records which followed, including title tunes from westerns, zoomed to number one on the national charts and the rest is history.

7. The Four Seasons, before their first hit Sherry played Jersey area night clubs as The Four Lovers, having one regionally charted record Como Si Bella b/w "Bermuda"on their own Star record label, then Carlson International, and finally landed on Newark based Diplomat, on a 99 cent album compilation of "Jersey Stars." Missing from that album, Connie Francis.

8. From 1949 to 1952, Elena Verdugo played Millie the secretary in NBC's Meet Millie. Other notables on the show: character actor Florence Halop, Marvin Kaplan (decades later, he was a regular customer at Mel's Diner on Alice). Kaplan's character roles were mostly that of a likeable, but hapless also-ran.

9. The synthesized ascending-descending "swish" was first heard in the beguine tempo blues tune, The Big Hurt by an L.A. singer dubbed Miss Toni Fisher on writer Wayne Shanklin's Signet label (flip side was Memphis Belle). The follow up You Never Told Me beguine with swish and 1989 You Won't Forget Me barely charted. Toni Fisher died in 1995 of a massive heart attack. The swish effect, created by Shanklin, would live on in heavy metal music. Similar music trivia: stereophonic and multiple track recording was developed by noted guitarist Les Paul in the late 1940's and brought to Ampex Electronics, a professional recording studio equipment manufacturer, for development.

10. Illogical as Spock may perceive it, his planet Vulcan and bossman William Shatner first came about on an episode of One Step Beyond in the 1959 episode titled The Promise written by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (As illogical: Shatner visited Vulcan in '59, but when the first pilot for Star Trek was presented to and rejected by all three existing networks, Jeffrey Hunter was at the lead role helm playing Captain Christopher Pike. Throw the footage out? Never! It was beamed into a two parter flashback, episode titled The Cage and when Pike appeared to testify on behalf of successor Kirk, the character was quadraplegic and deformed (because Hunter refused to do Roddenberry the favor of reprising the role one-shot, after he was told to beam off The Enterprise). Trekkies will also tell you that the 1967 Star Trek episode, written by novelist Harlan Ellison, City On The Edge Of Forever, guest starring Joan Collins, won the Emmy for Gene Roddenberry's science fiction TV prioneer.

11. Ernie Kovac's monkey business combo was The Nairobi Trio and he also hosted, with wife Edie, NBC's Can You Top This? on ABC 1950-51.

12. Steve Holland (a/k/a Steve Hollander) endeavored to re-create Flash Gordon for television, a European attmpt syndicated briefly in the United States in the late 1950's. In the 1980's public television stations ran the original 30's-40's movie theatre serials with Buster Crabbe to a larger audience. After all, what was Flash Gordon without his nemesis, Ming the Merciless (Charled Middleton).

13. It was none other than Screamin' Jay Hawkins who, in 1956, sang (and screamed and growled) I Put A Spell On You totally plastered. The song reached the top ten national charts and by popularity, not payola. Okeh Records, the label who released Screamin', was a subsidiary of Columbia, whose policy prohibited paying for play. Nina Simone and Creedence Clearwater Revival would later record a more sober version.

14. Sure you knew. It was that fantastic character actor Jonathan Fricke who called the poor robot You Bubbleheaded Booby, among other things, on Irin Allen's Lost In Space And from the notorious late 60's Ilsa bad lady dominatrix movies, Dyanne Thorne played a non-speaking gun moll on Star Trek.

15. Al Grandpa Munster Lewis played the wizard on Lost In Space and was the dance marathon barker's smirking assistant in the classic 1970 movie, They Shoot Horses, Don't They also starring Gig Young and Jane Fonda.

16. Although The Knockouts never peformed it on their appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, their Darling Lorraine mock doo-wop on Bobby Shad's label (backed with instrumental Riot In Room 3C) climbed to #7 on the national charts after Alan Freed accidentally (on purpose?) played over New York's WOR radio. Front man/lead singer Lenny (some bios say Larry) Cartucci and his Knockouts, the pride of Lyndhurst and Rutheford NJ, performed lounge "shtick" at nightclubs on the east coast before "Darling Lorraine" hit the charts on Shad, Rhino re-released the doo wop classic with the original ending as sung in the studio, a shtick harmony climax. Bobby Shad chose to fade end the cut and forgo the clamoring finale.

17. Happy Days, less Fonzie, was born on ABC's Love American Style. Apparently, the ABC brass liked it so much, they asked Gary Marshall to make it a weekly series (or, he pitched them on it, depending on whose story you believe). And from that came Marshall's sister Penny and Cindy Williams' Laverne & Shirley and Erin Moran's short lived Joanie Loves Chachi. "L.A,S," was predominantly on Friday Nights, but was bounced around Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays, especially after it started losing ratings steam.

18. The Montefuscos was the dead in the water sitcom about Italian patriarch Joe Montefusco, played byJohn Apnea, supporting cast Ron Carey and (would you believe) Linda Dano. Six episodes ran weekly in 1975, four were repeated, the show thereafter never to be seen again.

19. In the 60's, Ralph Bellamy was the Man Against Crime and Lee Marvin headed M Squad.Both shows were short lived, Marvin's co-star, Eduardo Cianelli, tried unsuccessfully to sue NBC for breach of contract. Too bad Conan O'Brien wasn't around then.

20. Starting in 1952, Charles Farrel played Vernon Albright the dad of My Little Margie. The show was the summer replacement for I Love Lucy for several years. Then, Gale Storm (Margie) teamed up with movie character actress Zazu Pitts in the failed 1959 CBS sitcom Oh, Sussanah. Things went better musically for Gale Storm when sang a pop version of the blues tune I Hear You Knocking (1958) and Dark Moon (1960) for Dot Records, label owned by TV bandleader Lawrence Welk and managed by Welk's nephew, Randy Wood.

21. Altogether now: I Married Joan, what a whirl, what a girl what a wife. Joan Steven's' bobby soxed, blue jeaned sis was named Beverly, played by star Joan Davis' real life same named daughter. Jim Backus had his hands full as hubbie Judge Bradley J. Stevens. Ths show ran from 1952-1955 weekly, then went into syndication as a five day a week "strip."

22. After receiving an international gold record for her RCA smash I Will Follow Him (awarded her in 1962), producers Hugo & Luigi (Creatore) followed it up with the chart topping I Wish I Were A Princess.Peggy went on to stage acting after the hits ended.

23. Snooky Lansen was one of four regular singers on Your Hit Parade during the shows final years. The others who concluded the weekly music series were Dorothy Collins, Giselle MacKenzie, and Russell Arms.Ths zhow made changes in the vocal line-up during it's impressive run. Here's a question in an answer for you. One of the four regulars had a hit record. Who do you think it was? While Dorothy Collins had a record contract with Columbia, Giselle Mackenzie came out of left field with a TV drama appearance in "Hard To Get," a melodrama about a talent wanted scam. She recorded the title song and it got as high as 9 on the national charts (although "Your Hit Parade" placed it at #2), released by RCA Victor subsidiary X Records, that label's only hit.

24. The Four What's My Line panelists were Ogden Nash, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennet Cerf and Arlene Francis. Nash, Kilgallen and Cerf were predominantly newspaper columnists, Francis an actress/TV commercial spokesperson and sometimes newspaper writer.

25. In it's second season, Hawaii 5-0 (book'em, Dano) began "sneaking in" beach shots of buxomly Hawaiian gals in bikini thongs. The irony: star Jack Lord was a religious man who began each filming day reciting The Lord's Prayer..

26. Pudgy faced Ben Alexander was Officer Frank Smith, partner to Joe Friday when Dragnet originated in 1950 on NBC-TV. Harry Morgan "joined the LAPD force" when Webb revived Dragnet in the mid 60's.

27. Amidst the barrage of cartoons on 50's Saturday children's TV block time, Fearless Fosdick was a crime fighting marionette (villains included Noah Napps, the insomniac robber) and kids drew against a clear plastic sheet over TV screens around the elusive Winky Dink. See question 65 for a trivia about that Saturday morning kiddie delite.

28. Leaving to become CBS' Captain Kangaroo, Bob Keeshani originally played the first Clarabelle on NBC's Howdy Doody, In an interview, Buffalo Bob said he preferred the successor, Lew Ayres, a bandleader turned buffoon squrter.

29. Zany comic Pinky Lee went into cardiac arrest on air during a live telecast. Pinky survived, the daily show (1950-55 bopping around on all the networks) didn't. It ended on NBC. (The network denied Lee had a heart attack. Lee's press agent told reporters he collapsed from a sinus attack).

30. Willie Mae "Big Mama Thornton," blues singer, was the first to record Hound Dog in 1953 for Vanguard Records, backed by the Johnny Otis combo. The original was a stompin bluesy swinger, quite different than Elvis' explosive rocker in '57

31. In the early 1950's Anne B. Davis was photographer's assistant Soshi in the pilot The Bob Cummings Show for NBC, then Shultzy in the actual series on CBS (Thanks,Jim & Rosemarie) on Love That Bob before serving The Brady Bunch a decade later. The show would flip flop networks between 1955 and 1959, it won two Emmy awards and spawned Dwayne Hickman who would have a mild success with The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis before becoming an NBC network exec. Rosemary De Camp was also a regular cast member.

32. Ronnie Burns bummed out dad George and mom Gracie as well as Verve Records when, opposite to the onslaught of hits by rival Ricky Nelson bolstering his folk's TV show, Kinda Cute b/w Double Date was a no-play bomb for Ron Soon after he was a regular on parent's Burns & Allen, the long running CBS show was cancelled by it's sponsor, Carnation and the network.

33. Elvis Presley made his first appearance on The Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Show in 1957. The King appeared later on shows hosted by Milton Berle, Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan, but never appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand or the Saturday Night show (manager Col. Parker said "no."). When Elvis appeared on Steve Allen's Show, Steve, who despised Rock & Roll, had The King sing Hound Dog to a live hound dog. The Bonus Trivia Question Answer: Elvis told Variety that "Now Or Never: (adapted from Caruso's "O Solo Mio") was his favorite hit and "Blue Christmas," which the King said he wished he never recorded, was his biggest dislike. At the time of this interview, Elvis had not yet recorded "Suspicious Minds," "In The Ghetto" or "The Wonder Of You" for RCA.

34. Both "21" and "The 64,000 Question" used "isolation booths." Jack Barry's "21" became a rigged scandal while Hal March hosted "$64,000 Question" just went off the air unscathed after becoming, for a short while, "The $124,000" Question." 35. Shelley Fabares began TV acting at age 8 on the syndicated Annie Oakley western, six years later she would be daughter Mary Stone on ABC-TV's The Donna Reed Show. She still looks as youthful today as she diid then.

36. The Father Knows Best opening credits rollcall: Robert Young (later Marcus Welby, MD was dad/hubbie Jim Anderson, Jane Wyatt (later Spock's mother on the original Star Trek) as wife/mom, Eleanor Donahue (who also appeared on Star Trek) was Betty, Billy Gray was James, jr. better known as Bud, and Lauren Chapin was Kathy. Peter Tewksbury, bossman and oft director, was tough and even bullyish at times, cast interviews conveyed, and would not allow even a "the" or "and" be added to the dialogue; under his thumb, the script had to be followed precisely. All the trekkkies know that Jane Wyatt played Spock's mother in mid 60's special episode of the original Star Trek

37. It was the All In The Family episode which showed Mike and Gloria's newborn, Joey, au naturale, tiny male organ included, that CBS censors refused to air the show without the seven second scene cut. That is, until executive producer Normal Lear threatened to take the network to federal court. The network legal beagles knew Lear headed a strong media anti-censorship group and apparently decided it was the lesser of two evils (or more accurately, less costly) to let the episode run and take backlash from "The Moral Majority," a conservative religious fundamentalist group who hated the show to begin with. The show ran and, as Lear put it in newspaper quotes, "no state ceded from the union." (But, when Sally Struthers refused to do a quasi-nude flash in an episode where she posed nude for an artist - and pushed Rob Reiner's character hubbie Mike's liberal lattitude - Lear relented. Go figure). Carroll O'Connor, the lovable bigot Archie and Jean Stapleton, the lovable Edith laughed off the Joey ruckus while Sherman Helmsley and the late Isabel Sanford made George & Louise Jefferson Lear's next TV hit. In 2004, before we lost her, Isabel Sanford made her final screen appearance, starring as a homeless woman who inspired a mentally challenged child in the award winning and moving independent film, Click Three Times.

38. What was the first national animated TV commercial with the brat and the hat? That kid just wanted his Maypo after finding out Daddy liked it.
Click here to see it! Ad agencies had been skeptical about cartoons as ads (Farmer Gray and Koko didn't have pizazz. maybe). While some animated commercials were made and shown regionally,, most notably Jack Frist, Maypo was the "Life Cereal" type popularity of it's day that got it run nationally, even without Mikey.

39. Comedian Jackie Mason was banned from The Ed Sullivan Show for allegedly giving Sullivan the finger after the host signalled him to end his monologue. Mason denied the gesture at first, then issued a public apology in Variety, the show biz trade paper. The following week, Mason was allowed back on the show and Sullivan joined Jackie in his mimic of the longstanding CBS-TV Sunday night variety show, noted for bolstering Elvis' public image and welcoming The Beatles and The Rolling Stones of British Invasion to America. Jackie Mason's book was titled Oy!.

40. In the 1940's Majoe Bowes hosted accordion players, operatic bellowers and Frank Sinatra as hopeful Amateur Hour radio winners (Sinatra lost). In 1950's, Mack would do the same for tap dancers, ventriloquists (most notably Paul Winchell), and Pat Boone who also lost. Winchell, with his wooden buddies Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smith, was a three time winner.

41. Thw answer is b.) Marlena Detrich, the recluse actress often quoted as saying "I want to be left alone," was also quoted on the Hy Gardner TV interview show (NBC, 1952) as declaring her favorite meal was "hot dogs and champagne.".

42. Ernie Kovacs smoked Muriel Coronella on camera when talking to his audience and setting up the comedy bits, his wife Edie Adams pedd;ed them in sexy commercials, Groucho Marx preferred the Muriel Corona on camera, although smoked costlier customized Cuban cigars at home. Smoking was allowed on TV back in the 50's amd 60's.

43. Arnold StangAh, chip-chip-chip, Berle's longest lasting heckler was Arnold Stang. A typical quip: on a season premiere, Stang asked Berle howlong he thought the show would be on. Berle: "As long as the people want me on." Stang: "Oh, so this is the last show.".

44. Why, of course the angels cleared Bishop Sheen's chalkboard (the heavenly spirits, not the worldly 60s rock and roll girl group. According to Nielson, Archbishop Sheen's weekly Life Is Worth Living not only beat Milton Berle some weeks in the ratings (to which Berle quipped, "Look who he has working on his side"). but until today is the highest rated weekly religious program in television history (Billy Graham Crusades are counted as specials/paid programs). Unfortunately, this was not enough to save Allen B. Dumont's shrinking television network from financial collapse. What was the DuMont Television Network (the "forgotten network"?amp;
For the fascinating history of the innovations and downfalls of The DuMont Television Network and it's founder, click here.

45. Felix The Cat The first video transmission featured other than Felix the Cat, whose plastic model Vladamir Zworkyn and Philo Farnsworth used as they wowed RCA and Westinghouse with their iconoscope system (1923), a crude (by today's standard) "picture tube." This ended the earlier, ill-fated spinning wheel system. RCA/NBC head David Sarnoff hired Zworkyn, who died at age 90. Farnsworth's Philco radio-television company embarked on a product troubled path.

46. To see Ernie Kovacs' monkey music trio and the band's name
click here. There's more Ernie Kovacs sketch comedy genius at our main 50+ channel Oldies Television - oldiestelevision.com.

47. After Sleepwalk was a phenomenol international hit for Santo & Johnny, reaching the #1 spot on most record charts, Canadian American released three follow-up 45 singles: Santo & Johnny's Teardrop, The Long Walk Home, The Long Walk Home again re-mixed with vocal backup. All three could do no better than the 70's position on the national charts. Santo Farina's Hawaiian style electric guitar was a Carvin brand, made by a small custom guitar company in Palo Alto, California, later bought out by Valco-Supra Guitars in Chicago who made "Silvertone" guitars for Sears and "Airline" guitars for Montgomery-Ward. Like Canadian-American Records, the aforementioned guitar company succumbed to stiffer competition from the big guns.

48. Johnny Olsen Dennis James Johnny Olsen hosted Rumpus Room (not Romper Room) followed by Dennis James' OK, Mother during mid afternoons in the early 1950's on the DuMont network, both originating live from the same East 67th Street studio of today's WNYW-TV channel 5, now used for their 10PM news. Both Olsen and James' shows hosted impromptu games in which the studio audiences participated. Johnny Olsen was also the off-camera announcer for The Jackie Gleason Show in Miami, after Jack Lescouli left. In addition to the daytime show, Demi James Sposa (Dennis James) hosted a prime time quiz show Cash & Carry for DuMont, a failed effort. James went on to a myriad of short lived game shows and did a stint as Ted Mack's off camera announcer for The Amateur Hour.

49. Betty Boop Betty Boop was created by animators Max and David Fleischer. She premiered in the 1930 cartoon Dizzy Dishes. In 1954, Paramount Pictures distributed Betty to TV via a now defunct company then known as UMC.

50. In the early 1950's, none other than the horn rimmed glasses accented Robert Q. Lewis had only a mildly successful daytime show on CBS on which he sat at the edge of the stage and drank Tetley Tea. He later hosted Play Your Hunch in 1962, replacing Merv Griffin. Who had the last laugh? Hunch died, Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune Griffin produced creations, still live on. BTW: According to his bio, the "Q" was made up, he is said to be born Robert Lewis in 1921

51. Red Skelton, who broke into giggles during a monologue or sketch when delivering a gag line, would yelp "Duck, here comes a whole flock of them" when a joke bombed with the studio audience, on CBS, NBC or ABC, he was on all three existing networks at one time or another, as was Ernie Kovacs and Ted Mack's "Original Amateur Hour," which started on DuMont. Mack was the only show to be on all four, the only four which existed in the 50's. DuMont went belly up in the 60's (more at our
Oldies Television oldiestelevision main page.

52. a.) Lucky Strike cancer sticks sponsored "Your Hit Parade," b.) Carnation Milk was the longstanding alternate week sponsor of George & Gracie. c.) Beech Nut gum, who had every pretty girl in the audience chomping on their product, sponsored Dick Clark's Saturday night soirre'. d.)Geritol, for "tired blood," sponsored, ah one, ah two, "The Lawrence Welk Show," also a Saturday night staple on ABC, after DeSoto-Plymouth deflected to the more hip Groucho's "You Bet Your Life" on NBC.

53. The "Geeter With The Heater" was DJ/VJ Jerry Blavat. Blavat primarily bought the air time on Phillie and NYC independent TV stations, then hunting for his own sponsors to defray costs. "The Discophonic Scene" on WTAF-TV channel 29 iin Philadelphia was the final hurrah, ending in 1979 after an on again off again two year run. Geeter got his heater back again when buddy T.J. Labinsky gave him co-host spots on his PBS Doo Wop concerts alongside Frankie Valli, Jerry Butler and "Cousin" Bruce Morrow.

54. Georgie Jessel was a 1950's TV "toastmaster/roastmaster" long before Dean Martin adopted the format to his 70's variety show. Jessel's presence was punctuated by a whine-toned voice and a weird tongue swallowing vibrato at the end of sustained words. He was in vaudeville and did some stand up comedy on The Ed Sullivan Show in it's early Toast Of The Town years on CBS.

55, Marvin Miller He is Marvin Miller, who gave out a million dollars before Regis and Meredith. Marvin played aforementioned Michael Anthony, certified check delivery boy for John Beresford Tipton on CBS' The Millionaire, late 50's early 60's series,which went into oblivion.

56. Before hosting The Tonight Show on NBC, Johnny Carson hosted the afternoon quiz show Who Do You Trust. Bud Collier hosted the original, long running Beat The Clock, Gene Wood hosted a failed syndicated re-make. Bud Collier first hosted To Tell The Truth, but after the first season Bill Cullen was emcee for the long haul. Bill Ludden hosted the original Password, his buddy Gene Rayburn hosted Match Game which followed.

57. Did you think of that 1973 sitcom that was produced by Carl Reiner and starred Dom De Luise? "Lotsa Luck!"

58. Ella Raines aptly portrayed Janet Dean, Registered Nurse on the medical series of the same name. On par with "Medic" as far as theatrical value, the syndicated drama never quite caught on in ratings, unfortunately. It was a good show.

59. It was syndicated, it bounced around time slots, but if you caught "uh uh uh uh, don"t touch that dial..." it was followed by "Bloooondie!" The show was "Blondie" based on the classic Dean Young originated comic strip starring Penny Singleton (Debbie Harry wasn't born yet) as the venerable Blondie and Jerome Cowan as her loving, bumbling husband, Dagwood Bumstead. Unfortunately, the series didn't garner the loyal following as the daily comic, and the TV show, which rab primarily on NBC was canceled after less than one season.

60. The Megatrons recorded Velvet Waters which peaked at #8, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir had a #1 hit with Battle Hymn Of The Republic and Napoleon IV sang the song that outraged mental patients' advocates, They're Coming To Take Me Away. All artists were one hit wonders, albeit The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sold a hefty quantity of Christmas albums via TV mail order. You didn't ask, but Napoleon IV's salute to outrage song lyric was about a guy who went insane because his dog cheated on him. That's as far as Oldies Television is going with it.

61. Ethel Waters, that marvelous actor from "Cabin In The Sky" played another maid eloquently as "Beaulah," the second predominantly black cast television series after "Amos & Andy." Here again, a show that was nominated for an Emmy and should have gotten ratings never garnered enough for a third season on CBS. Oldies Television streams a hillarious episode of this underrated show.

62. The first disc record, spawned from a cylinder, did not play at the popularly known 33-45-78 speeds. The one sider ran at 80 rpm. RCA Victor slowed the speed by 2 rpm's as to fit songs over 2 minutes. Then a a tech perceived, "We can press grooves on the other side and have two songs on one record!" Think about it, how could have Elvis ever had two sided hits? BTW: the first commercial disc release was Enrico Caruso singing "O Solo Mio." Wonder if RCA ever figured a rock and roll version would ever be made. You could call it "It's Now Or Never."
Extra Trivia When RCA competitor Columbia decided too many 12" lacquers were breaking en route to the stores, their engineers narrowed the groove to fit a full song on a 10% disc, thus the 10" 78. Artists and songwriters were paid only for 90% of record sales because the record company moguls wanted 10% forf breakage...even after break resistant vinyl hit the scene.br>
63. The "Fab Four" recorded "Can't Buy Me Love" in Paris during their 1965 tour stop there.

64. John Cameron Swayze was "Hop Scotching The World For Headlines" before he pitches Timex watches, after which went into new journalism oblivion.

65. None other than b) Jack Barry, debunked host and producer of the scandal ridden prime time network quiz show 21 had coached kids to write on a rather expensively priced sheet of clear plastic placed over TV screens on Winky Dink. The crayon was a free bonus (but not even a Crayola). Barry was dismissed from daytime quizzer Concentration, but shook off the dirt and hosted other short lived quizzers he syndicated, most notably, The Joker Is Wild which changed rules more times than Charles Van Doren wiped sweat beads from his forehead on 21. He spilled the beans to the feds: he was fed the answers. Think this was the first time Barry was in trouble for staging a quiz?amp; In 1955, Jack Barry hosted Juvenile Jury, a kiddie solve the problem show. On the air live, a little girl told the television audience she was fed what to say in advance. Problem for her was, nobody promised a hundred grand.

66. Bette Grable had (answer b.( again) her legs insured for a million dollars with Lloyd of London. More of an MGM publicity stunt than caution; one would wonder if she was a bit more careful where she walked around the studio lot after the insurance premiums reached maturity.

67. Host of the top rate "$64,000 Question" prime time quiz show, Hal March, was one of four actors who played on "The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show" (both on CBS). To get the inside info on all the actors who played Harry Morton, as well as George and Gracie and watch a complete episode, it's all on oldiestelevision.com
Channel 98 one of over 100 shows and 75+ classic oldies video juke box performances of the 1950's and 60's at Oldies Television.

68. The Megatrons' quaint, flutey sound made "Velvet Waters" a top ten hit for the Audicon label which eventually became Musicor who produced, among others, Gene Pitney. But in the spring of 1957, "Velvet Waters" had rock jocks scratching their heads as the 'trons joined Elvis, Buddy, Chuck and Fats on the hit parade. You can hear the classic then uncategorized instrumental on oldiestelevision.com Forgotten 45's section.

69. Eve Arden's other CBS TV sitcom in the fifties was "Private Secretary."

70. Andy Devine was the host of the Saturday morning kiddie puppet fest. the syndicated "Andy Devine Show"

71. Kate Smith closed her show with "When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain."

72. Saturday morning cartoon character Lippy The Lion teamed with Hardy Har Har, not Jackie Gleason, but a cynical turtle, who would oft moan, "Oh me. Oh my.".

73. George Gobel called his wife "spooky old Alice."

> 74. Eisenhower's campaign slogan, using his nickname, was "I Like Ike!"

75. "Oh, Clarabelle, you silly clown!" (as Buffalo Bob used to groan during shtick on Howdy Doody), Clown had to forego his squirt bottle because of a national PTA behavioral influence issue.

76. Dave Garroway closed The Today Show and other shows he hosted with the words "...and peace."

77. Tuvok was the character name of the blind Vulcan Starfleet officer, played by Timothy Darrell Russ, on Star Trek The Next Generation.

78. Fiesty Mrs. Carlson (played predominantly by Carol Bruce and others) owned WKRP In Cincinnati, the name of the 1976-82 weekly series.

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> Cliff Arquette as Charlie Weaver, Hollywood Squares Paul Lynde, Hollywood Squares
Ad Libbed Humor From The Original Hollywood Squares
l to r: Host Peter Marshall, regular panelists Charley Weaver (Cliff Arquette). & Paul Lynde

Sorry Fonzie and Tom (producers Henry Winkler & Host Tom Bergeron of the failed 'Hollywood Squares' remake), but If you remember the original Hollywood Squares (You can watch an episode at oldiestelevision.com) hosted by Peter Marshall with his 3x3 tic tac toe panel of comicx, these great quip answers are from the days when ' Squares' responses were spontaneous, not scripted.

Q. Do female frogs croak?
A. Paul Lynde: If you hold their little heads under water long enough.

Q. If you're going to make a parachute jump, at least how high should you be?amp;
A. Charley Weaver (Cliff Arquette): Three days of steady drinking should do it.

Q. True or False, a pea can last as long as 5,000 years.
A. George Gobel: Boy, it sure seems that way sometimes.

Q. You've been having trouble going to sleep. Are you probably a man or a woman?amp;
A. Don Knotts: That's what's been keeping me awake.

Q. According to Cosmopolitain, if you meet a stranger at a party and you think that he is attractive,
is it okay to come out and ask him if he's married?amp;
A. Rose Marie: No; wait until morning.

Q. Which of your five senses tends to diminish as you get older?amp;
A. Charley Weaver: My sense of decency.

Q. In Hawaiian, does it take more than three words to say 'I Love You'?amp;
A. Vincent Price: No, you can say it with a pineapple and a twenty.

Q. What are 'Do It,' 'I Can Help,' and 'I Can't Get Enough'?amp;
A. George Gobel: I don't know, but it's coming from the next apartment.

Q. As you grow older, do you tend to gesture more or less with your hands while talking?amp;
A. Rose Marie: You ask me one more growing old question, Peter, and I'll give you a gesture you' ll never forget.

Q. You've just decided to grow strawberries. Are you going to get any during the first year?amp;
A. Charley Weaver: Of course not, I'm too busy growing strawberries.

Q. In bowling, what's a perfect score?amp;
A. Rose Marie: Ralph, the pin boy.

Q. It is considered in bad taste to discuss two subjects at nudist camps.One is politics, what is the other?amp;
A. Paul Lynde: Tape measures.

Q. During a tornado, are you safer in the bedroom or in the closet?amp;
A. Rose Marie: Unfortunately, Peter, I'm always safe in the bedroom.

Q. Can boys join the Camp Fire Girls?amp;
A. Marty Allen: Only after lights out.

Q. When you pat a dog on its head he will wag his tail. What will a goose do?amp;
A. Paul Lynde: Make him bark.

Q. If you were pregnant for two years, what would you give birth to?amp;
A. Paul Lynde: Whatever it is, it would never be afraid of the dark.

Q. According to Ann Landers, is there anything wrong with getting into the habit of kissing a lot of people?amp;
A. Charley Weaver: It got me out of the army.

Q. It is the most abused and neglected part of your body, what is it?amp;
A. Paul Lynde: Mine may be abused, but it certainly isn't neglected.

Q. Back in the old days, when Great Grandpa put horseradish on his head, what was he trying to do?amp;
A. George Gobel: Get it in his mouth.

Q. When a couple have a baby, who is responsible for its sex?amp;
A. Charley Weaver: I'll lend him the car, the rest is up to him.

Q. Jackie Gleason recently revealed that he firmly believes in them and has actually seen them on at least two occasions. What are they?amp;
A. Charley Weaver: His feet.

Q. According to Ann Landers, what are two things you should never do in bed?amp;
A. Paul Lynde: Point and laugh.

Thanks to Christy from our affiliate website christystv.com at Xoteria-TV (xoteria.com)


Unscramble the letters to form the title of a fifties TV show or song title

1. tv show title: MCREDEEB EIRDB
2. tv show title NMA TGAAISN MRECI
3. tv show title: NKGI NLOEDRAO
4. tv show title: NCIAP
5. tv show title: VDAE RRGAWYA WHSO
6. one hit wonder sing title & artists: LLTWE MIH ON (by) SVRIAT DNA BBO
7. novelty song title & artists: HTE YGLIFN ECUARS (by) CBANEHENU NAD OONADGM
8. tv show title: EHT TALTROER GONYU SHWO
9. tv show title: ROFU RTAS YHUEAOLPS
10. tv show title: I RRDAIME NJOA

Answers below (uh uh...don't peak ahead of time)

Scramble Answers
1. December Bride (starred Spring Byington)
2, Man Against Crime (starred Ralph Belamy)
3. King Leonardo (animated kiddie cartoon)
4. Panic (anthology series hosted by Westbrrok Van Vorhees
5. Dave Garroway Show (the Today Show's predecessir)
6. Tell Him No by Travis & Bob (Everly Bros. mimic)
7. The Flying Saucer by Beuchanen & Goodman
8. The Loretta Young Show (enter from the veranda, please)
9. Four Star Playhouse (anthology Playhouse 90 also ran)
10. I Married Joan (sitcom with Joan Davis ^ Jim Backus)

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